What is the problem? The problem of counterfeit drugs is on the rise. Pharmaceutical companies are not only facing lost sales, but may also be open to liability when patients taking their drugs are not getting better, are getting injured, or are dying. Insurance claims and public health costs also increase. Counterfeit drugs enter the drug supply through weak links in the distribution system, even appearing at the pharmacies of mainstream drug store chains, and remain undetected until consumers’ injuries or deaths become public. New technologies such as RFIDs are being heavily promoted by giant technology vendors for “track-and-trace” purposes but fail to address the problem at hand.

What is TRUSTEDRx®? TRUSTEDRx is a “track-and-trace” system and alerting network based on human-readable alphanumeric codes printed on prescription drug packaging and labels to uniquely identify each unit. It establishes the authenticity of an individual item of prescription drug when the TRUSTEDRx code is entered on a manufacturer’s website, by text-messaging, or read-aloud by voice. When a counterfeit item is detected a detailed alert is instantly sent to the appropriate authorities and the manufacturer and consumers are instructed to return the item to their pharmacy immediately.

Why is TRUSTEDRx® better? TRUSTEDRx empowers all consumers of prescription drugs to verify the authenticity of a drug item in hand, and thus protect themselves, by entering the code online or by phone. With millions of consumers’ “eyes on” the prescription drug supply, instances of counterfeit drugs will be more readily detected and reported to the appropriate authorities. There is no capital expenditures required to deploy the TRUSTEDRx system, as it will be run as a public service. The TRUSTEDRx system can be deployed by printing codes onto product packaging and labels, using existing printing equipment and techniques. TRUSTEDRx works hand-in-hand with other current technologies and industry best practices (e.g. paper and electronic "pedigrees"). And TRUSTEDRx requires no educating of the consumer to use.

Who developed TRUSTEDRx®? TRUSTEDRx is based on patent-pending technology developed by Dr. Augustine Fou for the creation and instant validation of large quantities of universally unique alphanumeric codes. Currently in its 7th generation the TRUSTEDRx technology platform has been used since 1999 to power national consumer marketing programs (code-based promotions) for companies like Pepsi, Dr Pepper/Seven Up, KFC, Revlon, Conde’ Nast, and Atari. Dr. Fou earned his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the age of 23. He served as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company and started an Internet strategy consulting firm in NYC, of which he has been Chief Strategist since 1996.